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Total Hip Replacement

By | Tíðindi

Hesi ungu orkufullu fólkini verða at hoyra í Maggies mikudagin 15. juli. Tey vóru her í fjør summar og tað eydnaðist sera væl. Vit gleða okkum at hoyra og uppliva tey aftur 🙂

Total Hip Replacement is an energetic movement, that inspires singing, dancing and reflection. The core of the band consists of seven musicians from Aarhus, Denmark, who effectively reinterpret and interweave dusty reggae, spacy dub and funk. The combination of impactful messages, danceable grooves and colourful horn riffs sets your mind free and puts your hips to the test. In a time where communities are divided and people are being alienated from each other, the band creates, along with the audience, a space of intimacy which embraces differences. Until now, audiences have danced along to more than 250 concerts, from Greenland to Ghana, and the band keeps renewing itself by inviting in more genres and musicians into the collective.