So close, yet so far

Mynd: Rósa Tovudóttir

Situated a short ferry ride from Tórshavn, Nólsoy is something else. A very special village built around the small harbour in the middle of the island. There is a village feel here, and this is certainly no ordinary suburb.

In the heart of the village, we find Maggies. A small café, concert venue and in the night time a bar. In the calendar in the right side of your screen, you can see upcoming concerts and events, and buy tickets.

At Maggies you can have a warm meal, a beer, a glass of wine, spirits, a cup of thé, coffee or hot chocolate, play a board game or darts while you experience that cosy Nólsoy feel.

The regular menu, consists of burgers and fish’n’chips. We also have vegeterian burgers.
Special requests for other food, such as steaks or Maggies fish soup, can be made if you order at least two days prior.

There is a big screen television where you can watch football and other sports.

Bands and musicians are welcome to play at Maggies. For further information, you can write to
or call +298 327 199 or +298 228130.

Opening hours this winter
From 14 August till medio May

Friday 5pm till midnight
Saturday 1pm till midnight
Sunday 2pm till 10pm

Kitchen is open till 7 pm