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Vit kunnu gleðiliga kunngerða, at MonkeyRat trýnur á pall í Maggies 17 oktober 2020 kl 20:00. Vegna covid-19, verða atgongumerkið ikki sett til sølu fyrrenn eina viku undan konsertina.

Eitt sindur um MonkeyRat:

All is looking bright for MonkeyRat with lots of good news and many high notes!
In August, MonkeyRat’s, “U Gotta Love Being U ft. Alain Apaloo” was added into rotation on WNIR, World National Indie Radio’s, ‘Best Songs of Summer’ radio show for the entire month. “Good Morning Reykjavík” was added into rotation on WNIR’s, HerSong Radio show, for female artists only, where it aired twice daily for 2 weeks. WNIR airs worldwide in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and more, giving MonkeyRat international radio airplay.

MonkeyRat received a Musician Spotlight on Mad Indie Media. 90 videos of “Good Morning Reykjavík” have been made on TikTok. MonkeyRat published their own videos on Youtube for both latest releases – check them out – Good Morning Reykjavík is funny!
“U Gotta Love Being U ft. Alain Apaloo” was selected for a free entry into the 2020 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). MonkeyRat entered their song via ReverbNation for the chance to be randomly selected, and they were one of the lucky ones.

MonkeyRat luck continues in September as well, Saturday, on September 12th, “Good Morning Reykjavík” aired on TOKOVL, Unsigned Artist Radio Show at 4pm EDT with host Kbreaz1. TOKOVL is the 350th Affiliate for Sheryl Underwood Radio Show in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Songwriter/vocalist, Anna Iachino, front woman of MonkeyRat’s hard work in promoting their latest releases is paying off. MonkeyRat received more great reviews, this time from Indie-Spoonful, “U Gotta Love Being U by MonkeyRat ft. Alain Apaloo is a powerful and moving song”. Here’s a quote from, HerSongMusicBlog’s review for Good Morning Reykjavík, “Electric guitar riffs are reminiscent of the Artist Known As Prince”. Both reviews are affiliates of BWH music group.

Come and see MonkeyRat perform their latest releases live, Summartónar concert, with their musicians from Copenhagen, Denmark. “U Gotta Love Being U ft. Alain Apaloo”, is a pop/singer-songwriter song with a positive message and super funky, “Good Morning Reykjavík” is a track that will surely move your feet. Check out their latest videos and reviews below – enjoy!

Anna Iachino – songwriter/vocals
Arnold Ludvig – composer/bass
Alain Apaloo (DK) – guitar
Jens Stoklund (DK) – drums/percussion

Spotify links:

Good Morning Reykjavík

U Gotta Love Being U ft. Alain Apaloo:

YouTube video links:

Good Morning Reykjavík

Good Morning Reykjavík – MonkeyRat OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbb8xRHs0bU>
MUSIC Anna Iachino – lyrics, vocals & co-composer Arnold Ludvig – composer, bass, backing vocals, Ableton Live Alain Apaloo – guitars Jens Stoklund – drums &…

U Gotta Love Being U ft. Alain Apaloo:

MonkeyRat – U Gotta Love Being U ft. Alain Apaloo – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO – YouTube<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj7VG9O43IU>
Music Anna Iachino – lyrics on verses & chorus Beinir Troest Rasmussen – lyrics on bridge Hans Andrias Jacobsen and Beinir Troest Rasmussen – composers Arnol…

Latest reviews:

Good Morning Reykjavík

U Gotta Love Being U ft. Alain Apaloo