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The Double And 9 mai

By 12/02/2019May 10th, 2019No Comments

Vit eru glað fyri at kunna presentera hesar fantastisku amerikonsku kvinnunar. Vit gleða okkum nógv.

The Double And is a musical duo formed by multi-instrumentalist Rachael Michaels and drummer Emily Gould. The two formed as an offshoot of the Indie Shoegaze band Spirettes, where they hold down the rhythm section. Through natural chemistry, the pair found a shared love of music, creativity, knowledge, and travel. This combination led the women to form The Double And as a means of expression and a desire to share their common passions. The duo create an intricate, melodic, powerful sound with only electric guitar, drums, and their voices. With their drive and love for what they create, The Double And will be announcing tour dates and releasing new music this year!